First Ordinary General Assembly 2020

First Ordinary General Assembly 2020

Thanking God for his kindness and help, Pastor Uriel Tercero Bucardo, President of the Board of Directors of APAC, initiated the First Ordinary General Assembly of 2020, with our offices in the city of Matagalpa.

As part of the agenda approved by the plenary and according to the statutes, the Executive Director, Mario Pérez Lejarza presented the management report for the year 2019, highlighting the substantive progress in terms of sustainability and impact, two interrelated variables that typify our business model.

The representatives elected the new Board of Directors for the period 2020-2022, which is conformed by:

Uriel Tercero, President
Norvin Castro, Vice President
Pérsida Jimenez, Secretary
Nestor Jimenez, Treasurer
Jairo Altamirano, Fiscal
Claudio Hernández, 1st Vocal
José Armando Medina, 2nd Vocal

The activity was carried out in a participatory environment of healthy discussion.

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