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The Association Pueblos en Acción Comunitaria (APAC) is an organization that promotes sustainable development in areas with a long tradition and productive potential. Its vision is to consolidate itself as an organization capable of articulating and strengthening a capacity for the generation of knowledge and technology aimed at the creation of technically and financially sustainable rural business platforms.

The business platforms promoted by the organization include more than 700 small and medium producers, connecting them with globalized markets. Its area of incidence includes more than one hundred communities that are located in the North Central and North Segovia zones of the country, areas of great agro-ecological importance due to their productive potential and their relevance in our environmental environment. Read more…

Corporate Services

Financial Services

The transformation or transition of farms or business units is promoted through a range of financial products tailored to what each producer requires at each stage of his development process.

The purpose is to capitalize the producer effectively, enhancing the advantages of the business ecosystem by reducing risk and increasing profits.

The loans are available at commercial rates interrelated to the capitalization objective.

Business Development Services

The construction of local capacities, knowledge transfer, and socially responsible resource management constitute, among others, the bases of sustained growth. Through a package of services to producers, available -according to their characteristics-, it will be possible for them, once highly dependent, to assume greater commitment and responsibility as promoters of development in their communities.

Services are attractive because of the value proposition that is intrinsic given the increase in income due to the increase in productivity and quality. These are provided through a specialized team that are part of the Rural Business Network (RER-PAC) at rates according to the producer’s payment capacity.

Agribusiness Services

Services for the export and / or local marketing of certified coffee and cocoa, in niches that recognize the added values generated by producers and the community.

Its purpose is to include gradually producers willing to transform their practices and produce in accordance with market demand.

The design of brands differentiated by the type of social value and quality is part of the services provide.

Business Iniciative


APAC has helped small producers in the northern areas of Nicaragua (Matagalpa, Jinotega, Madriz, Nueva Segovia and Estelí) to group and define a strategy with a partner in the promotion of their coffee. APAC supports producers in the search, preparation and fulfillment of access requirements in differentiated markets. The Association serves 296 fair trade certified coffee producers, and 138 triple certified (FT / CP / UTZ). These producers have immersed themselves in a process of conversion of their coffee aimed at the increase, maintenance and quality of coffee production.


The APAC Cocoa is produced by small producers, who also manage small areas of coffee and basic grains. Most of the farms are located in the Bosawás Nature Reserve and Kilambé Massif; for which they have implemented, with the advice of APAC, agro-sustainable and environmentally friendly certification systems; being thus more than 220 producers certified in Fair Trade, organic and UTZ. The process of fermentation of cocoa is provided by small rural entrepreneurs in the area who have specialized in the process.


APAC serves approximately 60 small producers of honey that is produced on farms of certified Fair Trade producers. APAC honey is produced in the north of the country, in the departments of Matagalpa, Jinotega and Estelí. It is 100% honey from Africanized bees (Apis Melifera).

Take action

KIVA is a non-profit organization that allows people to lend money through the Internet to entrepreneurs, producers and low-income students in more than 80 countries. The mission of KIVA is to «connect people through loans to alleviate poverty», because of this APAC values ​​congruence, since 2013, it has developed an alliance with KIVA, which has allowed financing to more than 600 cocoa and coffee producers. Through the KIVA web platform, you can support the producers of APAC, thus contributing to their growth as entrepreneurs.

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José Antonio Velásquez

Cocoa Producer

“A good harvest on our farm means joy, prosperity. Because it fills all needs, illness, clothing, footwear, etc. That's why it means a joy because there is way to solve poverty”


Carlos Monzón Rodríguez

Coffe Producer

“If it were not through PAC, we would not have been able to do it, we would be selling coffee to the collectors here and we would not receive any benefit, because through certification; they give us the social bonus, the incentive of good practices and all that we have acquired through PAC”


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