Mayacert and Biolatina train PAC’s Coffee and Cocoa technicians.

In July and August, training events were held at PAC Matagalpa’s office, with the support of the certifying entities (Mayacert and Biolatina), with the objective of keeping PAC’s technical team and quality managers updated with respect to the different Certification standards, under which PAC is certified.

The first event was addressed to the Cocoa team, which was held on July 18 and 19 with the support of Biolatina. The second training event was given to the Coffee team, on August 7 and 8 with Mayacert.

Both events represent the beginning of an internal audit cycle for the evaluation and improvement of certification criteria on our affiliates’ farms.

The participants were very open to participation and valued the invested time and knowledge transferred from the collaborators of the certifying entities.

“It has been an event where we have strengthened our knowledge to better perform our work in the field,” said Gerardo Martínez – Rural Entrepreneur of the Pantasma Zone.